3D Modeling: Its Impact on Filmmaking and Architecture

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3D modeling has had a fantastic effect on almost every industry. This technology is present in many parts of our everyday life and has had a remarkable impact on our world.

3D modeling is the process of creating detailed 3-dimensional model by using computer software. It includes use of various shapes and designs to produce the desired shape. After forming the basic shape, further changes can be made using joints or paths for movements or applying textures to modify the appearance. 3D models are highly detailed and can be used to create lifelike models.

3D modeling has application in almost every industry, but the following are two industries that would find it hard to manage without it:


The revolution brought around by 3D modeling is abundantly visible in this industry. You can see it just by comparing the movies of the past to that of the present.

Twenty-five years back, CGI did not even exist in the filmmaking business, but today almost all movies are using this technology to create astonishing graphics effects. Apart from CGI, the technology is also used to produce 3D models for the film props.

The latest Bollywood hits like Bahuballi, Ra-one, etc depended highly on the creativity of the 3D animation studios in India and CGI technology.

Movies that were earlier just a dream are now possible through the use of CGI and 3D modeling and provide us with a marvelous viewing experience.


Architectural design services have grown leaps and bounds thanks to this technology. The preferred method in past used to be that of combining blueprints with 2-dimensional technical sketches. The drawings had to even have pre-defined scale measurements in order to define the elevation and other distinctions of the structure. This process was cumbersome and took a lot of time which had a negative impact on the speed of project development.

3D modeling has wholly changed this system. 3D floor plan design services use 3D modeling to create plans for new structures. Architects can now easily create designs on their computers and can incorporate every minute detail to it. They can make endless changes to the design to arrive at the final decision.

Interior designers use it to give clients a lifelike view of their designs including all the elements like lighting, color scheme, surfaces, etc. They do not need to create heaps of sketches and can make changes on the go. This technology has essentially given wings to the artistic imagination of architects.

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